4 Products for Corporate Gifting

Do you want to show true appreciation in your corporate gifting this year? Skip the cheap trinkets and stick with personalized products!

It’s amazing how much energy and money are wasted on gifts that get forgotten or that are simply thrown out altogether. Here are a few products to help insure that your corporate gifting doesn’t go unwanted this year.

get everyone new name tags for your corporate gifting this year1. Name Tags

Do you know someone who needs an exciting new look to that dingy uniform? Do your employees need to feel more empowered with their physical presentation to your customers? Get them a bright, shiny new name tag this year. Corporate gifting doesn’t have to mean giving them a boring, branded pen. Instead, give them a new look and some renewed energy with a fresh name tag. And don’t forget to get your brand out there! Design these new name tags with your logo.

2. Name Plates

While this seems to be the most traditional, don’t be caught up in a boring streak! Name plates can be customized to fit anyone’s personality. From favorite quotes to a fancy font for a name, choose from a large variety of these wonderful and flexible personal identification tools.

3. Desk Wedges

acrylic name plates and executive desk wedges are perfect for corporate giftingJust like name plates, don’t sell yourself short on this fun item! Choose from several styles and customize them to meet the recipient’s personality. Quotes and simple sayings look amazing on acrylic name plates. Personalize executive name plates with names, titles and other fun logos and text. They also come in several color and style choices.

using custom ribbon rolls for corporate gifting4. Don’t forget the Ribbons!

Any of the above items are perfect for any office, retail store or other organization. But, don’t underestimate the importance of presentation! Once you have your personalized products and slip them into that plain, boring box, tie it up with branded ribbon rolls. Or create your own logo gift tags from imprinted ribbons. Whatever your choice, brand it! Make sure those who are receiving your wonderful and thoughtful gifts know where it’s coming from.

Corporate gifting is a fun and wonderful way to show appreciation. These products will help you to maximize your investment. Have you ever received a corporate gift that you couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear from you!

Name Tag Definitions: Part 1

Defining our business helps our customers to fully understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here are some definitions of how our business runs. From what a name tag actually is to all the fun and fabulous details of ordering, we want to make this process as easy as possible.

So, what is a name tag or name badge?
definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification
A name tag or name badge is a piece of plastic, metal or sticker worn on the outermost clothing piece. This provides a means of displaying the wearer’s name for others to view. They are commonly worn in places such as at a grocery store or restaurant so that a customer will know who works there.

Now let’s get some of the more technical definitions out of the way.

Need By Date
We often reference a need by date on our website when a customer is placing an order. This phrase might be confusing. A need by date is the exact date that a customer needs to have the product in hand. While we do our best to match everyone’s need by date, this date is not a guarantee.

A proof shows an image of one layout of a product. It is intended to be used for a final approval of the product ordered before heading into production. Proofs frequently include a price quote. Proofs are sent to the customer by customer service so that they will go directly into the production process once approved.

Design Worksheet
A design worksheet is only provided when you may not fully know what you are requesting for your design. It may show several variations for a layout and is intended to help narrow down the choice for a customer who is not sure what they want. The customer would look at the design worksheet and indicate which variation they like most. They may also make any changes to it they would like to see. Once a variation is decided upon, it is then sent as a proof for final approval by the customer. Even if the customer approves of a variation on the design worksheet, it will still be followed with a proof so there are no other versions represented on the page with the customer’s written approval.

First Article
A first article allows the customer to obtain one physical sample item of the product being ordered. These are made to the proof’s specifications before the entire order is purchased. These are highly recommended for customers with very detailed specifications.

Do you have any questions regarding these definitions?

There will be further articles with more definitions, but help us by letting us know what you need. How about anything of which you’re unsure? Please let us know what else you need help with as we’re here for all of your questions!

Using An Emergency Contact Card

Photo identification doesn’t have to stay at work any more. Use our photo ID cards as an emergency contact card for those you love.

A photo ID badge usually comes with an employee’s name, photo, title and any other relevant information printed on it. They are a great way to identify company employees and provide security in the workplace.

using a photo identification name tag as an emergency contact cardAs each badge may fully customized, these name badges can also be used for other things. Such as security ID, safety tags and an emergency contact card. By simply providing any important information you would like to have printed on them, you could save someone’s life!

These emergency contact cards are truly an innovative product. Names, addresses and phone numbers are all great ideas to include on these safety cards. Using someone’s picture is also a great way to make sure that they are identified properly.

Emergency cards are for everyone!

Give these emergency cards to school children to carry in their backpacks. They will help to notify teachers and other administrators of possible allergies and other emergency items. Such as a parent’s name and contact number in case of an emergency.

using a photo identification name tag as an emergency contact cardGreat for elderly or disable loved ones, these cards provide freedom to anyone. People that normally aren’t active in their communities, can go outside without fear of being lost or not in contact with those that need to know where they are.

An emergency contact card can have printing on both sides so that they can show on a lanyard around someone’s neck or through a see-thru pocket on a bag. Keep these cards in a wallet or a purse as they are the same size as a credit card.

Add whatever information you feel is important for others to know is important. These cards are perfect in case of an accident or other emergency where someone may be unresponsive. Not only do they provide necessary information about the person, but they also provide piece of mind to their loved ones.

Using A Last Name On Name Tags

While “John Doe” or “Jane Smith” are a bit more professional, is it appropriate and safe to have someone’s last name on their name tag?

Using A Last Name On Name TagsNot everyone enjoys wearing a name tag while at work, but most organizations and companies find them necessary for communication and branding. Most restaurants require serving staff to wear personal identification. Name tags and badges are also often seen in retail settings. They are even worn in office buildings.

And, not just cashiers and waitresses wear these identifiers. Managers, security and CEOs also wear name tags on a regular, if not a daily, basis. Name tags are a great way to quickly identify someone if you need help with something. And, as such, they are often a required part of a work uniform.

Having a person’s full name on a name tag can be quite helpful to a consumer, however it may also be dangerous to the employee who is wearing the name tag. These name tags have been recently scrutinized for their validity. Safety issues have also come up in many conversations.

Question: Why would having both your first and last name on a name tag be dangerous to an employee?

There have recently been several studies and panels evaluating the usage of first and last names on name tags. They have concluded that a person’s safety and privacy might be endangered outside of the workplace should a consumer attempt to locate or make contact with an employee. However, this misuse of someone’s name has been proven highly unlikely by the same studies as above.

Question: Why would someone need to have both their first and last name on a name tag? Does it depend on the type of work you are doing (i.e. customer service vs lawyer)?

Again, “John Doe” or “Jane Smith” are a bit more professional than “John” or “Jane.” However, some companies and business types require that employees use last names on name tags. Typically wait staff at a restaurant is only identified with a first name. The same goes for someone in a retail situation.

In an office setting last names would be appropriate to use as a more professional way of identifying someone in their current position. By using someone’s last name on their name tag, it provides the prestige that can accompany a specific title in a company. It also helps current and future clientele identify the person with which they need help from.

Question: What happens in situations where security may be a factor, such as detention facilities, schools or hospitals?

Typically in security situations, name tags are used to determine if someone should be where they are. In places like schools these name tags are often used as a means to enter the building. They are also used to help students know who teachers and school workers are. This, in turn, helps them feel more secure.

The argument can be made that first names are not necessary when referring to Mrs. Smith as a teacher. However, the same argument can be made in hospitals that “Jane Smith” might be providing too much personal information to a patient. “Jane” would suffice in this instance.

Using A Last Name On Name TagsWhether or not to use someone’s last name on a name tag is not necessarily and easy answer. However, in many circumstances, certain levels of personal identification are needed. They provide a service to consumers, and they also provide security in many situations. Make sure your reasons for using a last name on a name tag fit not only your needs, but your security situation.

Donations: Neighborhood House

Coller Industries prides itself on our contributions to our community. Donations to repeat customers make our work completely worth it.

While we care about all of our customers, we love it when we have customers that feel comfortable coming back to us every year. Part of our community of caring means that we give back to this local community. With being the go-to specialist for all personal identification needs, Coller Industries enjoys donating name tags and other custom items to those who need a little bit of help.

coller industries customer donations to neighborhood house will help with their volunteer efforts

This time, Neighborhood House of Salt Lake City needed our help to keep their costs down. They are a wonderful organization and they work with a lot of people. Constantly needing to identify these individuals can get expensive.

Coller Industries donated name tags for Neighborhood House staff, board and committee members which will help make them more visible during events,” said Breighlin Johanson, Development Coordinator for Neighborhood House.

“Neighborhood House board and committee members are volunteers from our community who donate their time and talent to our Children’s Programs and Adult Day Services, helping make sure we operate an excellent non-profit with high-quality care available to low-income families in Salt Lake,” Johanson further explained.

Logo Name Tags

logo engraved plastic name tags were given as donations from coller industries to our customer neighborhood houseThese name tags, chosen from a variety of colors, are engraved plastic. Each name tag featured someone’s name, title and the Neighborhood House logo. These name tags are a great representation of how versatile Coller Industries’ products are. Each name tag is personally inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards and then it is sent to the customer.

“Thank you again for Coller Industries’ generosity,” Johanson said. “Donations from partners like Coller Industries allow Neighborhood House to direct funds where are needed most. This empowers low-income families to access quality, affordable day care and supportive services.”

We are grateful for organizations such as the Neighborhood House. All of our donations are something that help us stand out from our competition. And the best part is working with wonderful people just like this!