3 Practical Reasons for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your business.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbonsThere are many reasons for corporate gifting that range from thanking consumers for their business to recognizing employees for outstanding work. But, the primary reason seems always to be the same. It is to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between the giver and the recipient.

Most companies agree that this fundamental reason is an opportunity to share your holiday cheer, connect with your clients and strengthen employee ties. Recruiting, retention and development are three other great reasons to give a corporate gift.

But here are the best three reasons to give a corporate gift!


The holidays are built on the premise of giving and volunteering in your community. No matter the reason for giving anything, you should only expect one thing back: a friendly smile, a “please” or “thank you,” or maybe even a hug. But no matter what you give, it is the thought that counts.


Some people just possess the talent to wrap gifts perfectly. Some don’t. But, no matter if you’re one of these wonderful people or not, everyone loves to get a wrapped present! Don’t sell your gifts short with bland packaging or by not even wrapping them. Choose bright, happy and seasonal gift wrap for your corporate gifting.

Name Tags

Last is the most important, right? Well, we sure think so! Name tags and other personal identification products are great ideas for corporate gifts. Whether it’s a new name badge for your employees or an executive desk wedge for your best customer, we’re sure to have the right gift for your needs!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Name tags can always use an upgrade each year and for each employee!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Give top quality name plates to your office team this year.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Why not be unique and give everyone in the office a fun, new lanyard!

Spend the time and money on the wrapping to reflect the value of your client and employee relationships. But remember, choosing the right gift for your associates is just as important as the packaging. Add your personal flair with custom ribbons today! Need a great idea for a gift to give? See “Personalized Ribbons Blog” for all our best ideas!

Name tags are in the news!

Well, we’ve done it again! Name tags have made the news!

It isn’t very often that personal identification items hit the news. So, when it happens, we here at Coller Industries tend to get excited! Not only is it a chance to share what others are doing with name tags and name badges, but it also helps others to know how important they are.

“Each year, Kami Allers, a Ferry Elementary School third-grade teacher, talks to her students about collecting items for patients who will spend the holidays in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric units at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for what she calls the Compassion Project.”

This story about Allers, featured in the Grand Haven Tribune, proves that not all personal identification products have to be made of gold. But those involved in this project sure have hearts made of gold!

Usually, when someone thinks about name tags, they think of a small metal or plastic plate that is worn by someone who needs to be identified quickly in a formal setting. This setting varies from retail stores to office buildings to hospitals.

Name Tags are in the news!Choose from our full line of custom or stock name tags.

Name Tag, Inc. has many options to cover most any need for personal identification. We also have reusable name badges and badge holders. Whether you need a logo or simply a name and title, we have all sorts of options to choose from!

“The Ferry Elementary School classrooms are collecting beads, coloring books, crayons, games, books and scrapbooking materials (they make name tags for NICU isolette beds). Students will also make cards to give to children who are in the hospital during Christmas.”

What a great idea for these families, especially during this holiday season. So, let’s all remember that sometimes it isn’t what the name tag is made of but who it comes from. It is the season for giving!

Thanksgiving, name tags and the best customers!

Thanksgiving is so close that we can smell the turkey in the oven!

Families will soon gather in dining rooms across this great nation. And thankfulness is found everywhere. Celebrating Thanksgiving allows us to focus on our blessings, giving thanks for what we have, and for the freedoms which we all enjoy.

happy thanksgiving from coller industries and name tag inc and thank you to all of our customersWe here at Coller Industries Incorporated just wanted to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to all of our customers, new and old, that have supported our business over the past year. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment, and shopping our large name tag selection. We are blessed to be part of your personalized identification needs.

To help celebrate the Thanksgiving occasion, here’s our list of things for which what we are thankful.

Great impressions at conferences and meetings are a must! And with event name tags, networking is easy and affordable.

Style and ease are a must with reusable name badges and speedy badges accomplish just that!

Contemporary name plates are easy to use and are the perfect solution for providing employee identification for desks, cubicles and offices!

Finding people who adore personal identification as much as we do!

There are also a few customers that we need to thank:

We appreciate all of our customers who ask all the right questions. Thank you for your continued encouragement and suggestions.

All of our new customers which we gained this year! Thank you for placing your trust in us and our products.

We love all of our repeat customers. Loyalty sits well with us!

And most of all YOU!

We appreciate your friendship, business and the confidence you have placed in us. So, on behalf of all of us at Coller Industries Incorporated, our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the day, your meal, and especially the company of your family and friends, and let us know what you’re grateful for! And in case, you didn’t know:


Name Tag Definitions: Part 3

Defining our business helps our customers to understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here is part three of our definition series so, find out more about how our business runs with these great definitions for some of our products!


Most of our name tags and name badges have the option to use a logo or graphic. However, there are several things to know when providing your logo to be used on your name tags.


definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identificationTry to limit the amount of detail in your logo. At smaller sizes, incredibly detailed logos are not visible, and many processes have a hard time duplicating it. Provide only enough detail to make the logo recognizable.

The size of your logo on the name tag needs to leave enough room for the names and titles that you wish to provide. Names and logos should be large enough to read from at least 10 feet away.


definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identificationFor logos that incorporate an image as well as text, consider just using one or the other. When there is less detail in the logo, it can be placed to fill the entire area allowable on the tag, thus the larger it can be.

Logos that are short and wide look best at the top or bottom center of the tag. Logos that are square, or taller than they are in width, will look better on the left or right side of the tag.


definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identificationThis feature is only available on our full-color name tags. A bleed means that the background colors of a design may extend off the edges of the tag. The design may bleed on any and all sides of the name tag. If you are creating a tag that will have an image that fills the background area of the tag or meets the edge, you will need to create the background image to the exact size, or larger, of the tag. Keep the corners of your image square even if you plan on rounding them.

Do you have any further questions about these definitions or the products to which they pertain?

There will be more articles coming with even more definitions! Please help us by letting us know what definitions you need. Are there specific things you just don’t quite understand? Reply with anything that you might need help with!

How To: Name Tag Ornaments

Make this year’s Christmas tree stand out with homemade ornaments!

While traditionally Christmas trees are decorated with shiny, colorful ball ornaments, let’s pull away from tradition this year. Create your look with customized name tags and name badges for your ornaments.

With all of our available products, this homemade treat is sure to please anyone. Choose from a variety of name tags that you can have engraved with names, sayings or any other holiday message.

Engraved Name Tags

use custom shape name tags and blank name badges for holiday and christmas ornamentsOne choice would be a plastic engraved name tag with a message of Merry Christmas. Another good idea is to have these engraved with elf names or the names of Santa’s reindeer. Add kids names to these name tags for a truly unique look to your Christmas tree.

Achieve the same look with metal engraved name tags. Using metal name badges will add some festive sparkle to your ornaments on your tree.

 Custom Shapes

use custom shape name tags and blank name badges for holiday and christmas ornamentsCustom shape name badges are also a fun idea. Use a star, heart or even one to represent your pet. Engrave each name badge or order blank. If you order a blank badge, customize each shape with a sharpie, stickers or anything that you might have around your home. Add names, drawings, images or write down memories with a permanent marker.

Once you choose a name tag or badge for your ornament, make sure to add some personalized ribbon roll to the back to hang it on your tree! Attach the ribbon to the back of the tag to hang it on your tree. Or, hang it anywhere that you want to showcase your homemade talents.

use custom shape name tags and blank name badges for holiday and christmas ornamentsAfter completing these fun crafts, what you get is a beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree or gift to your friends and family. Giving your Christmas tree a heartfelt touch of handmade with these fun ornaments is a great idea. The sky is the limit on this project!