Name Tags: Not Just A Label

October 10th is recognized as World Mental Health Day. So what does this mean for name tags? And what does that have to do with a label?

adhesive name badge used instead of a labelIt’s easy to start labeling people. How many times during a day do we label someone without conscious thought? It can be a simple label like teacher, boss or cashier. But we have to be careful when using these labels. While they describe something someone is doing, they do not always make up someone’s true character.

So, what does this have to do with name tags? Well, when someone puts on a name tag, they are representing something so much more! They are representing the company or cause for which they are working. They are also representing themselves. And what a great battle that can be sometimes.

“If everybody wears name tags, no more fighting, no more intolerance and no more disrespect,” said Scott Ginsberg in his blog.

When donning a name tag, it becomes an act of acknowledging people for who, rather than what, they really are. Calling people by their given name helps to make them feel truly special.

“A few years ago I gave a speech to a group of individuals with disabilities. I was terrified. I thought the message would go completely over their heads. And I assumed that their intelligence level would keep them from understanding me. I was wrong. They loved it. Best audience I’ve ever had. Afterward, a young man from the front row ran up to me with a huge smile on his face. And although his mental condition made it very difficult for him to speak, he placed his hand on my chest and said: ‘It’s not the name tag; it’s the heart behind it.’ Just because someone is broken doesn’t mean they can’t teach you,” Ginsberg related on his blog.

using name tags for recognition rather than a labelSo, why do we label people?

Maybe it is because sometimes there are positive attributes that are associated with these labels. And maybe it’s because we simply do not know someone. By wearing a name tag, we become more familiar with those around us.

And, when we start using others names, we are also allowing that labeling barrier to be let down. So, let’s all put on our name tags and remember who we truly are!

People Who Wear Name Tags

From politicians to office managers, all people wear name tags!

While traditionally people wear name tags in the work place or at a convention, some wear them to other events such as conferences and horse races. From babies and pets to famous people, name tags can be seen everywhere!

name tag name badge scott ginsberg the name tag guy people who wear name tagsFrom Scott Ginsberg, “People wear name tags more often than you think. The majority of retail establishments, stores and other social gatherings require name tags for several purposes. Sometimes it’s for security. Other name tags are solely for identification. But simply stated, people wear name tags for one reason: so other people can use their names for friendlier, more personable service and conversation.”

Recently even Prince William and his wife Catherine were even spotted wearing name tags! They were sporting the bright purple name tags at the recent, and annual, Royal Ascot (a five-day social horse racing event). Rather than keeping with traditional first and last names, they were labeled with “HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) The Duke/Duchess of Cambridge.”

Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge along with James Meade people who wear name tags at Royal Ascot Photo Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at The Royal Ascot - people who wear name tags (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Titles are often used in office settings or in retail environments, thus making managers and head staff stand out a bit more from other employees. Titles are also handy during a conference or convention to separate attendees from staff. Staff can range from the workers and servers to speakers and presenters. While typically titles are kept brief, remember to not sell anyone short when using their title on a name tag or name badge.

So, what other people wear name tags? Even politicians have been known to wear a name tag. Typically it has a support message along with their name and title encouraging the viewer to remember their cause as well as their name.

Another person who might wear a name tag is: YOU!
Have you ever worn a name tag for a job or other purpose? If so, where and when?

Something to always remember about name tags:

“A person’s name is the sweetest sound they will hear in any language. When you use their names, you will make them feel appreciated, welcome and important. Maybe it’s printed on a plastic clip. Maybe it’s written on a paper name tag. Even if it hangs from a lanyard, stares you in the face, look at it, and SAY IT!” exclaims Scott Ginsberg.

A Complete Guide to Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are easy to use and show proper identification.

badge reels and personal identification are a great way to brand employees and volunteers

What are badge reels?
Badge reels are a personal identification accessory that allows someone to keep their name tag on them at all times. Typically, badge reels are made from a durable plastic and contain a retractable cord making them perfect for “functional” name tags, name badges and badge holders. They come with either a bull dog clip or a belt clip. They can also be ordered with a lanyard to wear it around your neck. They also give the option of customizing the fabric with logos and text as well as the reel casing. A customized lanyard with a badge reel will help make any brand stand out from the competition.

How does a retractable badge reel work?
The retractable cord is simply pulled away from the casing and then released to have it slide back in. This feature is perfect when needing to keep a name badge or other item easily accessible.

Who typically uses these retractable badge reels?
They are commonly used in office complexes and other organizations. Students are also frequently seen wearing badge reels. You can find them everywhere. Not only are they great for photo identification and name tags, but they can also hold keys and smaller items such as mini tools.

badge reels with lanyards are great for text and logosWhere are they used the most?
Retractable badge reels are most often used at companies and organizations with keyless entry systems. However, they can be used anywhere you might see personal identification. Any business, school or organization can benefit from the use of these retractable badge reels. They are handy to have at meetings and conventions as most of the styles can be custom made with text and logos. Customize a badge reel to market your brand and company anywhere.

When are these commonly seen?
With an extendable cord, these retractable reels are perfect for any occasion. Use them to hold badge holders or other photo identification during conventions, conferences and other such meetings. They are also a great tool to attach to keys or other items that need to be kept accessible. Both options (with or without a lanyard) can be fully customized to promote any brand or logo.

Why should you use a these reels?
These retractable badge reels are increasing in popularity due to their simple and effective promotional uses. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The unique feature of the retractable cord makes these ideal for offices and other companies that use photo identification which is also used as a key or time card.

Name Tags That Are Completely Custom

Custom may not always be the first word thought of when thinking of name tags.

stock plastic no logo name tag or order custom productsWhen most people consider a name tag, or other personal identification, it is probably something boring with just a name and title. However, we are here to make sure that people understand that all name tags can be made to meet the wearer’s personality. We will meet any and all expectations for fully custom personal identification products.

An excerpt from a Coller Industries employee:

At our company we take great pride in being able to assist a wide variety of customers. The way that this is achieved is by letting our customers run the show. Here at Coller Industries, all of our products can be customized to fit your needs.

full color custom name tagOf course, like with most things, there is a small catch. There are some limits to what our machines and materials can do. However, we have the friendliest staff around and any one of our customer service agents would be delighted to help you make the product of your dreams for your company or event. If you give us a call we can help direct you to the product that best suites your needs.

Have you been thinking recently that you could use a certain something to spice up an event or meeting? Why not some ribbons or lanyards? We have the capabilities to print logos, phrases, graphics and we can even color match if you provide a Pantone color. We can do traditional imprinted ribbons and lanyards with logos as well. The sky is the limit.

custom acrylic name plateEven our staff takes full advantage of our ability to make custom products for friends and loved ones. We have had beautiful acrylic desk wedges made for significant others as gifts. Other employees regularly have name tags made around Christmas time as tags for gift giving. There are no ends to the possibilities.

Here at Coller Industries we are very good at matching our customer’s specifications. If you know what you want, or even if you don’t, we are here to help! Often as customer service representatives, we find that our clients simply don’t realize how incredible and customized all of our products are. If you have a basic idea in your head that is a great place to start. Our designers can mock up different options to give choices and our friendly customer service staff can provide pricing for all such options.

Give us a call today so we can make your custom visions a reality!

Conversations About A Lanyard

While most people know what a lanyard is, here is a quick guide to help you muddle through the wide world of lanyards.

badge lanyards what is a lanyard


What is a lanyard?
A lanyard is a piece of cord or ribbon that is formed into a loop and typically worn around the neck or belt exclusively to hold something, such as a name tag or name badge. Lanyards can also come as a chain or be retractable.


What are the different types of lanyards?
Lanyards come in a variety of fabric types and styles. Each fabric type has a unique look and most of the fabrics can be imprinted with text and/or logos so they can be personalized. Each lanyard also has different fastener choices to use with name badges.

Who uses lanyards?
As lanyards are an easy way to display a name badge or other personal identification, they are used every day by a variety of people. College students, teachers, employees in retail stores, some office workers and even government officials all wear lanyards to show ID or for security reasons.

Where are lanyards used, and when would I ever use one?
Lanyards are used everywhere! Schools, offices, businesses, stores and so many more places use lanyards frequently if not every day. Lanyards are also commonly used during conferences and conventions. Most of the time you would use one when either working at one of these places or helping to promote an event. Custom lanyards printed with text and logos are a great way of getting brands out to the general public.

custom lanyards what is a lanyardWhy would I ever need a lanyard?
Because most lanyards can be customized using text and/or logos, lanyards are extremely versatile. The text can be a phrase, a date or the name of an event or business. You would typically need to wear a lanyard if you need to have ID or credentials available to show to others or for security proof that you can be in a building or other typically private place.

How do I choose a lanyard to purchase?
No matter your need, we have a lanyard to meet it. Choose from our large variety of lanyards be selecting the type and features you want. Most choices can be customized with text and/or logos to promote your event, meeting or brand.