Improving Business In 4 Easy Steps

Here are a few quick and easy ways to help you improve your business with ONE tool!

Being able to recognize someone instantly is a huge benefit to a business these days. It will also contribute to improving your business contacts and employee relationships. Following is a quick list of four ways to improve your overall business by introducing name tags into your daily life.

First, it gives your employee a name!

improving your business with one quick tool name tagsSometimes you might run into an old friend or acquaintance while you are out shopping or at a business function. But, most of the time, you won’t know too many people. All companies can benefit from their employees using name tags. Provide employees, volunteers or event-goers with a name tag or name badge for easy identification.

With each person displaying their name on a name tag, customers and attendees will quickly identify the people they need to ask for help. And when that happens, the employee’s confidence and comfort level increases. All in all, wearing a name tag encourages people to be more mindful of their surroundings.

Second, they provide security!

improving your business with one quick tool name tagsBy giving employees name tags, you are providing security for your office or store. And, who doesn’t want a secure business? With a simple branding logo, employees are easily identified by customers and other employees. No one will ever have to guess at who their coworkers are again.

Another great tool for security is our photo ID badges. By adding a picture, a name and a logo, the wearer is sure to get noticed; and for all the right reasons!

Third, name badges help to hold employees accountable.

improving your business with one quick tool name tagsThis simple tool, similar to a uniform, is the perfect way to remind an employee of where they are. It gives them a sense of direction and purpose. And, it makes it easy for you to follow or spot them in a crowd of customers or event attendees. It is another way to ensure your employees are representing you and your business in the exact way you need to be represented.

Fourth, help yourself in rewarding/disciplining your employees.

When issues arise at your office, store or restaurant and you find a customer needs to speak with management, it becomes easier to identify the employee that needs to be pulled aside. Whether that is for a job well done or a little bit of coaching, a name tag helps the customer know who to report if or when it becomes necessary.

Names are what it’s all about these days in business. Do your customers know your’s and your employee’s names? Help them out with a name tag today at!

3 Practical Reasons for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your business.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbonsThere are many reasons for corporate gifting that range from thanking consumers for their business to recognizing employees for outstanding work. But, the primary reason seems always to be the same. It is to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between the giver and the recipient.

Most companies agree that this fundamental reason is an opportunity to share your holiday cheer, connect with your clients and strengthen employee ties. Recruiting, retention and development are three other great reasons to give a corporate gift.

But here are the best three reasons to give a corporate gift!


The holidays are built on the premise of giving and volunteering in your community. No matter the reason for giving anything, you should only expect one thing back: a friendly smile, a “please” or “thank you,” or maybe even a hug. But no matter what you give, it is the thought that counts.


Some people just possess the talent to wrap gifts perfectly. Some don’t. But, no matter if you’re one of these wonderful people or not, everyone loves to get a wrapped present! Don’t sell your gifts short with bland packaging or by not even wrapping them. Choose bright, happy and seasonal gift wrap for your corporate gifting.

Name Tags

Last is the most important, right? Well, we sure think so! Name tags and other personal identification products are great ideas for corporate gifts. Whether it’s a new name badge for your employees or an executive desk wedge for your best customer, we’re sure to have the right gift for your needs!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Name tags can always use an upgrade each year and for each employee!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Give top quality name plates to your office team this year.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Why not be unique and give everyone in the office a fun, new lanyard!

Spend the time and money on the wrapping to reflect the value of your client and employee relationships. But remember, choosing the right gift for your associates is just as important as the packaging. Add your personal flair with custom ribbons today! Need a great idea for a gift to give? See “Personalized Ribbons Blog” for all our best ideas!

4 Products for Corporate Gifting

Do you want to show true appreciation in your corporate gifting this year? Skip the cheap trinkets and stick with personalized products!

It’s amazing how much energy and money are wasted on gifts that get forgotten or that are simply thrown out altogether. Here are a few products to help insure that your corporate gifting doesn’t go unwanted this year.

get everyone new name tags for your corporate gifting this year1. Name Tags

Do you know someone who needs an exciting new look to that dingy uniform? Do your employees need to feel more empowered with their physical presentation to your customers? Get them a bright, shiny new name tag this year. Corporate gifting doesn’t have to mean giving them a boring, branded pen. Instead, give them a new look and some renewed energy with a fresh name tag. And don’t forget to get your brand out there! Design these new name tags with your logo.

2. Name Plates

While this seems to be the most traditional, don’t be caught up in a boring streak! Name plates can be customized to fit anyone’s personality. From favorite quotes to a fancy font for a name, choose from a large variety of these wonderful and flexible personal identification tools.

3. Desk Wedges

acrylic name plates and executive desk wedges are perfect for corporate giftingJust like name plates, don’t sell yourself short on this fun item! Choose from several styles and customize them to meet the recipient’s personality. Quotes and simple sayings look amazing on acrylic name plates. Personalize executive name plates with names, titles and other fun logos and text. They also come in several color and style choices.

using custom ribbon rolls for corporate gifting4. Don’t forget the Ribbons!

Any of the above items are perfect for any office, retail store or other organization. But, don’t underestimate the importance of presentation! Once you have your personalized products and slip them into that plain, boring box, tie it up with branded ribbon rolls. Or create your own logo gift tags from imprinted ribbons. Whatever your choice, brand it! Make sure those who are receiving your wonderful and thoughtful gifts know where it’s coming from.

Corporate gifting is a fun and wonderful way to show appreciation. These products will help you to maximize your investment. Have you ever received a corporate gift that you couldn’t live without? We’d love to hear from you!

Using A Last Name On Name Tags

While “John Doe” or “Jane Smith” are a bit more professional, is it appropriate and safe to have someone’s last name on their name tag?

Using A Last Name On Name TagsNot everyone enjoys wearing a name tag while at work, but most organizations and companies find them necessary for communication and branding. Most restaurants require serving staff to wear personal identification. Name tags and badges are also often seen in retail settings. They are even worn in office buildings.

And, not just cashiers and waitresses wear these identifiers. Managers, security and CEOs also wear name tags on a regular, if not a daily, basis. Name tags are a great way to quickly identify someone if you need help with something. And, as such, they are often a required part of a work uniform.

Having a person’s full name on a name tag can be quite helpful to a consumer, however it may also be dangerous to the employee who is wearing the name tag. These name tags have been recently scrutinized for their validity. Safety issues have also come up in many conversations.

Question: Why would having both your first and last name on a name tag be dangerous to an employee?

There have recently been several studies and panels evaluating the usage of first and last names on name tags. They have concluded that a person’s safety and privacy might be endangered outside of the workplace should a consumer attempt to locate or make contact with an employee. However, this misuse of someone’s name has been proven highly unlikely by the same studies as above.

Question: Why would someone need to have both their first and last name on a name tag? Does it depend on the type of work you are doing (i.e. customer service vs lawyer)?

Again, “John Doe” or “Jane Smith” are a bit more professional than “John” or “Jane.” However, some companies and business types require that employees use last names on name tags. Typically wait staff at a restaurant is only identified with a first name. The same goes for someone in a retail situation.

In an office setting last names would be appropriate to use as a more professional way of identifying someone in their current position. By using someone’s last name on their name tag, it provides the prestige that can accompany a specific title in a company. It also helps current and future clientele identify the person with which they need help from.

Question: What happens in situations where security may be a factor, such as detention facilities, schools or hospitals?

Typically in security situations, name tags are used to determine if someone should be where they are. In places like schools these name tags are often used as a means to enter the building. They are also used to help students know who teachers and school workers are. This, in turn, helps them feel more secure.

The argument can be made that first names are not necessary when referring to Mrs. Smith as a teacher. However, the same argument can be made in hospitals that “Jane Smith” might be providing too much personal information to a patient. “Jane” would suffice in this instance.

Using A Last Name On Name TagsWhether or not to use someone’s last name on a name tag is not necessarily an easy answer. However, in many circumstances, certain levels of personal identification are needed. They provide a service to consumers, and they also provide security in many situations. Make sure your reasons for using a last name on a name tag fit not only your needs, but your security situation.