Undeniable Benefits of Photo ID Badges

No matter the size of a business, the benefits of photos and personal identification are enumerable.

From name tags to lanyards, most companies take advantage of these benefits. And, one of the easiest ways to identify an employee is through the use of photo ID badges. So, why use a photo ID badge?

From name tags to lanyards, most companies take advantage of these benefits. And, one of the easiest ways to identify an employee is through the use of photo ID badges.

First off, what is a photo ID badge?

the benefits of using photo id badges are enumerablePhoto ID Badges
A photo ID badge with an employee’s name, photo, title and other relevant information is a great way to identify company employees. Fully customize each badge by selecting the orientation and fastener (deluxe magnet, pin, clips or a variety of other fasteners including punched slots with lanyards).

One of the most important features of a photo ID badge is the security it offers. By providing employees with a picture as well as a name and title, it ensures that the proper people are entering and exiting your building. Quickly and easily identify someone with photos and provide safety and security while in the workplace.

the benefits of using photo id badges are enumerableSafety is a primary concern for businesses.

These ID badges can help keep restricted areas of your building safe and properly maintained. They can also keep guests from wandering, even accidentally, into areas that they shouldn’t be. And, keep your photo ID close at hand with the convenience of a lanyard or most any other fastener.

They can also help with productivity! Employees can focus on what they need to do instead of worrying about being secure or if they are in the correct area on a job site. Add photos of an individual to each tag, along with their name, to make recognition easier. With a quick glance, anyone can see who that person is and make sure they belong on a project or in a restricted area.

the benefits of using photo id badges are enumerablePublic relations is also a concern for many businesses.

Name tags and other personal identification products make establishing a relationship of trust not only easier, but simpler as well. Being able to quickly identify someone because they can match a face directly to a company is a refreshing and comforting necessity in our world.

Photo ID badges are sure to fit the bill no matter your endgame with personal identification! Leave your employees, guests and clients with the benefits of these badges and a sense of security that you know what you’re doing!

Name Tags for Emergency Personnel

Name tags are helping with transparency and providing security!

plastic logo name tags can be used for police and emergency personnelRecently name tags made the news! Did you see the report about police officers and emergency personnel using personal identification to make others feel at ease? What a great way to give us all a sense of security. Officers are accomplishing this by simply wearing a name tag.

Excerpts from The Boston Globe:

“The public should know our names,” Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said during an interview on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio this past week.

“Body cameras and name tags are a way to show transparency and accountability in these challenging times,” Evans said.

“An officer is not just a number, but a person. (And knowing an officer’s name) “makes that individual more human. It humanizes a situation,” said J. Larry Mayes, one of three members of the Civilian Oversight Ombudsman Panel, which reviews Internal Affairs investigations.

“(Commissioner Evans) began this process earlier this year as a way to increase transparency and trust,” Lieutenant Detective Michael McCarthy, police spokesman, said in a statement.

McCarthy said that command staff and superior officers have already begun wearing tags with their last names.

Patrol officers in other major police departments, including New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles, have worn name tags for decades. Massachusetts state troopers also wear name tags. (Boston Globe)

stock metal name tags can be used for police and emergency personnel

While not everyone enjoys wearing a name tag while at work, most organizations and companies find them necessary for communication and security reasons. However, whether or not to use a name tag in these situations is not necessarily an easy answer.

In many situations, certain levels of personal identification are needed. Using identification provides a service to consumers. It may also provide a sense of security. Overall, name tags are proving useful once again. A great thing about using name tags is that wherever they are worn, they can create a warm, inviting atmosphere.